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Oncology Center Multiscan Pardubice is part of the Complex Oncology Center of the Pardubice Region. It was created at the end of 2005 thanks to the successful cooperation of the Pardubice Regional Hospital and the Multiscan Radiology Center.

Multiscan started operating in the Pardubice Hospital in mid-2002. Since the beginning of 2003, in connection with the purchase and operation of a linear accelerator through its radiotherapy department, it has taken care of outpatient care for patients in the Pardubice Region in the field of radiotherapy.

In accordance with the concept of cancer care in the Pardubice Region in 2005, the Radiology Center Multiscan provided an outpatient clinic of clinical oncology in Svitavy and in 2006 took over the oncology clinic in Chrudim and Ústí nad Orlicí.

In mid-2009, in order to continuously improve the quality of the care provided, the Department of Central Cytostatics Preparation of the subsidiary company Multiscan Pharma sro was established. In this department, under the strict hygienic and safety measures, medicines for the clinical oncology clinic of Multiscan and inpatient wards of the Pardubice Hospital are being prepared.

Since January 2009, the oncology department of the Hořovice Hospital has been operating as another detached workplace.

In addition to oncological treatment, the company also operates a radiodiagnostic center that provides magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, ultrasound and x-rays.

Multiscan Pardubice together with the Hospital Hořovice and the Rehabilitation Hospital Beroun are part of AKESO holding Ing. Sotirios Zavalianis.


Altoa Medical Tourism provides individual and above-standard medical care to international or local patients who do not have public health insurance and are considered self-payers. Medical treatment is provided at its three hospitals and through a network of medical facilities in the Czech Republic.

We treat all our clients with respect and individually, ensuring care is provided at the highest possible level while maintaining their

full privacy, wishes and personal needs. Besides that, Altoa ensures its clients with comprehensive services such as transfer, accommodation, interpreting services, visa assistance and taking care of clients' leisure time. 

For more information visit the website: and contact one of its medical coordinators directly. 

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